From Volunteer to Intern

Written by  Monday, 04 July 2016 13:31
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I have had the privilege of volunteering for Legacy WM since January 2016. I came on board to help the charity with their social media, as well as keep their website up-to-date with relevant and new information. I have also spent time training the staff how to use applications and services such as Joomla and Mailchimp to empower them to confidently and independently use these tools. My time here was not all spent on everything digital and web based, I also took part in the charities community events and various projects like ‘Family Fit’.

 During my time at Legacy WM, I applied to various roles in and outside Birmingham hoping to start a career in ‘User Experience Design’ and anything to do with usability and accessibility on all things digital.However, I was getting rejected on the basis of  'not having enough experience'.

Volunteering with Legacy WM has enabled me to build my skills and confidence and gain valuable experience. Consequently,  I applied for and have been successful in securing a position as an intern at a tech startup in London - this is exactly the kind of role I was looking for to springboard my career.

As a postgraduate I have struggled to get into the job market for over a year, however during that time I developed practical skills working with local charities in the community. I undertook various voluntary roles in my community as well as got involved with remote projects which tied into my interests and ambitions. At times things were hard and I had various moments where I wanted to throw in the towel - but determination prevailed! Getting out there as opposed to waiting for things to turn around for you is the first step into finding your way.

Things are not as they used to be and finding a job you can walk into every morning because you love what you do is a rarity. But through sheer determination and with the ambition to see yourself succeed not just for yourself, but for your family and community is a real honour. Everybody needs to start somewhere, there is no shame in starting somewhere that is small and local.

Without the support and motivation from the staff at Legacy WM, I would still be struggling to believe that I had what it takes to get somewhere with my education. I would also like to give Aftab as special thanks for all his motivational speeches and pep talks because it worked!

Aftab commented “I started my career as a volunteer, nearly three decades ago and do not underestimate the power of volunteering.  The aspirations of local people have changed with more young people obtaining good qualifications, however, their  social and interpersonal skills are less well developed.  At Legacy WM we have supported a number of young people to develop their interpersonal skills and above all, their confidence which has led them to gain employment.  So the message is loud and clear - get volunteering!  As this will help you to stand out of the crowd for prospective employers”.

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